How To Edit Blogger Template XML File On Android

How To Edit Blogger Template XML File On Android

Are you searching for how to edit xml blogger template? How to add some codes to your blogger theme to make modifications and changes? in this article i will be showing the easiest method on how to edit xml blogger template using your Android Mobile phone.

Sometimes Adding codes to blogger templates becomes very difficult especially when you haven’t learnt to edit xml blogger template in as much as editing your theme will always hang on mobile making things difficult.

Not every Blogger have PC to edit their templates therefore this article will be very helpful to mobile bloggers who are looking for how to edit xml blogger template.

Steps On How to Edit XML Blogger Template With Your Android Phone

  • Download X-plorer App
  • Now go to your Blogspot site and download the current theme you want to Edit or make modifications.
  • Install and open your X-plorer app.

Now click on SD card and find the folder that you have been download inside as shown in the image below:

  • Then Click on your XML Blogger Template
  •  It will display all your Blogger Codes, then click on the top right button for an options
  •  Click on Edit text , now you can change any code you like to change, you can also search text/code at the top.
  • After you have done, then click on that right button and SAVE.
  • Now you have done, then go back to your blogger dashboard –> Theme —> Backup/restore and upload your template That’s all.

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