Monday , 4 December 2023
Reasons for slow loading of WordPress

Reasons for slow loading of WordPress Website

For the past few weeks, my all sites which are based on the WordPress platform were loading too slowly. I thought it was my host’s problem so I contacted them but they replied that the problem is related to the WordPress application installed on the host. So I started finding out solutions to my problem.

First I deactivated all my active plugins and started activating them one by one and at the same time, I was loading the website again and again after each plugin was activated. I discovered that one of my old plugins was the root cause of this problem so I deactivated it the same plugin was installed on my other three websites so I deactivated it from there too however one of these websites was still loading slow and I had to check it also manually by deactivating and reactivating each plugin one by one and found that one more plugin was causing a problem.

So if you all are also facing the same problem then try to:

1)      Deactivate all active plugins and then reactivate each of that one by one and keep reloading your website after each plugin gets reactivated this will help you to find out the faulty plugin.

2)      If that doesn’t work then switch to Twenty Twenty or Twenty Twenty Two theme to find out any theme-specific problems.

3)      Resetting the plugin folder by FTP or PhpMyAdmin because sometimes even inactive plugins can cause problems.

4)      Optimize your homepage to load quickly by showing only excerpts instead of full posts and reduces the number of posts on the page.

5)      If your website has a lot of images then it might take time to load them so use some good plugins to optimize your images.

6)      The problem might be from the host too, so select a good host.

Hope this helps to find out the problem and fix it. I will write one more article soon for increasing the performance of sites based on WordPress CMS.

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