Wednesday , 21 February 2024
SEO Mistakes To Avoid

SEO mistakes – Avoid them for the better SERP placement

All the search engines are constantly working to improve their search algorithm to deliver better results to the online population. As a result of the rapid transformation of these algorithms, top-ranking websites perched on the helm of search engine results page (SERP) suddenly go into oblivion and can be found nowhere. This is because search engines penalize and drop websites from their top rankings for implementing wrong search engine optimization strategies.

Therefore, SEO experts should learn to identify their mistakes and burn the midnight oil to come out with viable solutions to resolve them.

SEO mistakes and their solutions

Some of the most elementary SEO mistakes have been discussed below with their probable solutions:

1. Development – One of the most basic mistakes people make is to develop their websites with rich applications. These applications reduce the chances of getting web pages indexed and cached in the search engine’s database.

Contents that are created with the heavy use of the following applications cannot be easily indexed by the crawlers:

Animations – It is very alluring to employ animations to attract eyeballs, but it becomes very difficult for the crawlers to read and store such web pages. So, it is advisable that one uses flash animations in limited proportions.

Forms – These forms are mainly created through JavaScript to enhance the usability of a website. If one insists on using this web-development tool, then it will be a lot helpful if one can create a substitute text-based edition of the website to resolve indexing problems.

2. Hyperlinks – Link building is central to the overall success of a website. Therefore, it should be of utmost importance to get quality backlinks instead of concentrating only on quantity. Search engines penalize websites that link to bad-quality websites. Google has come up with a new algorithm known as Google Penguin, to drop unwarranted websites from its search results. This new algorithm will find out websites that have low-quality backlinks from websites based on themes like gambling, pornography, Viagra, dating, etc, and ban them from showing up in their SERP.

3. Search phrases – These phrases are technically known as keywords. Many webmasters do not spend a considerable amount of time researching the most suitable sets of search phrases or keywords that will help them to rank at the top of the SERP. Therefore, webmasters should make appropriate use of online tools like Google Adwords Keyword Research, to obtain the keywords that have the potential to generate a huge number of online traffic.

4. Fresh content – Google Penguin algorithm has been developed with a focus on fresh content of the websites. A webmaster may get excellent results by regularly updating their website’s content rather than working solely on the best SEO tricks. Moreover, articles with obsolete data are disliked by the visitors, which leads to the degeneration of traffic with the passage of time.

Therefore, it is extremely important for a website to keep adding a lot of fresh and informative articles at regular intervals, so that both the search engine robots as well as visitors put their faith and spend a good amount of time on the website, ultimately ranking it at the top slot of the SERP.

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